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Image of Robot Kit zoom Sold Out
Image of Robot Kit zoom Sold Out

Robot Kit


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What is It?
A beautiful cardstock toy model that is easy to assemble. The arms and head move.

It is laser cut for complete precision. The cardstock is a heavy matte 15pt weight. Strong and sturdy.

What is it a model of?
The famous Atomic Powered Robot designed by a rogue team of Army engineers in the 1950s. Based on B. F. Skinner's famous pigeon guided missile, the kokino roboto uses a chicken for the brain. Atomic Power; Chicken Brain! What better combination. Sadly it was never built.

All the pieces are laser cut. You do not need any tape, glue, scissors, or even much patience to put it together. Maximum time for assembly is 15 to 30 minutes.( An easy project; not one of those hard to construct paper card models.)

Just punch out the pieces and tab them together. There are complete step by step instructions.

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