Jazzknitting Butterfly Book


This was originally a kit including patterns, inspiration, yarns and beads for 8 butterflies covering a wide range of techniques. All of these designs evolved by intentionally pooling hand-painted yarn while creating butterfly and moth shapes. By knitting these 8 butterflies, you will learn techniques to make your own designs for butterflies and larger projects. The kits are no longer available but the patterns in the book can be used multiple times to produce the same shapes. While the color patterning will look completely different with different yarns, the concepts and techniques can be applied to other projects.

Butterfly making is great fun as you knit simultaneous symmetry on both ends of a double pointed needle. Asymmetry (knitting only one wing), pseudo symmetry (where the eye cleverly fills in the differences) and two ways of knitting true symmetry are covered, as are multiple ways of making bodies, legs and antennae. Some knitting skills are required and new techniques are clearly explained. Plus I am always available at our Jazzknitting group on Ravelry if you have questions. Please join us there and share pictures of your creations. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

The book without threads and beads is $15 including domestic shipping.

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