Emily's Dollhouse with all accessories (1/2 scale)


A wonder-filled half-scale paper dollhouse (11” x 11-3/4” x 7”) that pops open to play and then folds away. Complete with front and back gardens and 33 pieces of beautifully decorated paper furniture, the dollhouse comes pre-assembled, so the fun can begin right away.

The furniture is laser die-cut and easy for children and parents to assemble: just pop the tabs into slots, without the use of tape or glue. Includes the house with front garden, 33 pieces of furniture and all three accessory kits: the Parlor kit with Grand Piano, piano bench, sofa, adult doll, and rocking horse (plus an extra piano to "practice" on!) ; the Formal Garden with the garden, trellis, 2 mythological chairs, 2 ornamental chairs, fountain, 2 garden benches, and the child doll; and the Sewing Room which includes the sewing machine, sewing form, full length mirror, sofa, and folding screen.

This dollhouse collage celebrates patterns and design elements from the rich history of decorative art. For added fun, there are 50 hidden animals to find in the house and accessories! Emily’s Dollhouse explores pattern, color and design with children of all ages.

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