Two Foto Animator


You can take just 2 pictures and make a movie. Think of the Two Foto Animator as an animated steam punk gif. How does it work? There's a special gear that puts in a pause as it spins around. When the brain see an arm that's up and then an arm that's down it think there must be motion. The brain then puts in all the in-between frames. Fantastic!

Since you're only using two photos for each movie, it's easy to produce your own animation cards. We even have special free software so you can easily make you're own cards.

The Two Foto Animator is made from cherry and walnut hardwood from Michigan finished with organic walnut oil. Brass fittings are used throughout. All the wood parts are lasercut in my own studio here in Portland, OR.

The Animator comes with 3 printed sample cards, 3 frames for making your own cards, and 6 sets of blank cards so you can draw your own great movies. Each Animator includes a custom made metallic paper box with FSC plywood insets.

You can see the software and movie manuals at:

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